LEME Device-SIP Orange

Rather than burning the sticks, the LEME device heats them. When tobacco burns, various chemicals are produced, and it is harmful. But LEME device can protect the users from these harmful things.

The heating device is simple to clean because of its design. Another planet can be found in the palm of your hand! Because it's around the size of your palm, it'll easily fit in your pocket. The new heating gadget is barely 46 grams in weight but packs a punch; it's designed to heat not burn sticks. Easy to use and compatible with LEME heating electronic herbal sticks, the LEME heating device is a must-have. Heat-not-burn goods are hot right now all around the world; they're everywhere! Why not have another heating device—LEME Sip—if you already have a LEME heat herbal stick?


Battery Instructions:


1. Check battery:

·The power is less than 20%, and the yellow LED light blinks 3 times.

·The power is between 20% and 50%, the yellow LED light will be on for 2.5 seconds and then go off.

·The battery level is between 50% and 100%, and the white LED light will be on for 2.5 seconds and then go off.


2. Start heating:

·Press the button 3 times, the device vibrates once, the white LED light blinks, the preheating process is turned on;

·when the heating reaches the ideal temperature, the body vibrates twice, and the white LED lights on continuously, which means you can start to smoke.


3. Stop heating:

·When the maximum working time reaches 5 minutes or the number of suction ports reaches 14, the device vibrates once, the white LED light is off, and the heating stops.

·Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to shut down.


4. Low battery reminder:

·Yellow LED blinks 10 times.


5. Abnormal temperature:

·The red LED blinks 10 times and the device vibrates 5 times.


6. Charging:

·The battery level is between 0% and 50%. During the charging process, the yellow LED light blinks while breathing.

·When charging enters 50%~100%, the white LED light blinks during the charging process.

·When the charging is completed, the white LED light goes off. When the charging cable is pulled out, the white LED light turns on for 2.5 seconds and then goes off.